True Sicilian Food at Ciuri Ciuri in Seoul

cannoli in Seoul Korea
True Sicilian Food at Ciuri Ciuri in Seoul Had an amazing Sicilian Italian lunch at Ciuri Ciuri in Hongdae. The arancine were huge with light floral saffron and filled with prosciutto and cream. Delicious. You could really taste the freshness of the pasta in their truffle ravioli and it had the perfect chew to the pasta. The cannoli were the star with a ringing flavor of orange zest and creamy marscapone that wasn't too sweet that paired with the incredible crunch of the shell. Wow. I will go back soon. Very impressive, authentic food. Ciuri Ciuri mapo-gu sangsu dong 314-3 FB: ciuriciuriseoul #seouleats #italiankorea #cannoli #realfood #sicilianfood #ciuriciuru

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