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Automated Korea

A disturbing trend I have noticed in Korea is how everyone is moving towards automation. At Mr.Healing you take a rest in a massage chair for 50 minutes in an oxygen room and take a rest. The chair is automated and very few people are needed to work there. The question is that with this new movement towards automation, where will people work? How will they live? Don't misunderstand me. I love the rest cafe and the chairs. I am just curious about the future. The chairs will later become the waiters, cooks, maids and more. Will we eventually become a socialist society? Big questions to ponder over a cup of coffee. Wookie

Food Trend Watch: The New Flavor of Korea seems to be...

Strawberry. Again. Koreans love strawberries and so it would make sense that it would revert back to a "safe" flavor. Last season it was green tea (which is a perpetual hit). Before that it was banana. Then it was honey and honey butter everything. Recently tiramisu was a popular hit and they made the popular "tiramisu kiss" dessert which was a bridge dessert with soft serve ice cream and espresso. These days coconut mills, shakes and coffees are becoming popular. What will come next? Well because of the large influx of cheap mangos, I think something mango flavored will get big. It has the essential elements that Koreans look for: exotic, healthy and valuable. Sadly, avocados and mangosteens could not make it in Korea but I think it was because of a lack of education rather than the flavor. It's always a changing market here and it is always exciting to see what takes off. Dan

Mango Buffet at the Millenium Hilton

Mango Buffet at the Millenium Hilton Seoul #밀레니엄힐튼#망고부페 주말에만하는 디저트 부페에 다녀왔어요! #디저트부페 #힐튼부페#hilton 생망고가 진짜 맛나더라고요. #주말부페 A post shared by Seoul Eats By Yoonie and Danny (@seouleats) on Apr 9, 2017 at 5:07pm PDT A Couple of weeks ago. Gosh, has it been that long? I was invited to the Millenium Hilton Seoul Hotel to visit the Mango Buffet which is held in the afternoon. Think of it as a tea time with lots of fresh mango, cakes, sandwiches, teas, and more. They even had some chicken wings and some meatballs for those that wanted something a bit more savory. All the food was very fresh and it was lovely to sit in their very large atrium. Our daughter, Hazell, loved all the food and the opportunity to run around. Our favorite courses were the mango tea, smoothie and the tarts. The fresh mango was Hazell's favorite. I think we sat for a good two hours just talking and snacking. I would check it out if you have some time. The mango buffet is from 2:30-4:30pm and then

Peking Duck from Dadong restaurant, Beijing

Peking Duck from Dadong restaurant, Beijing Epic Peking Duck from Dadong. Lives up to the hype and it is excellent. The skin is like caramel foie gras when dipped in sugar. Yes, with sugar. The meat is moist and clean tasting- not gamey and I loved the condiments and wraps for the duck. Have it with some greens -I got the bitter greens (not bitter) and some tea. The whole meal was around $50usd for a half duck but I could have easily eaten a whole one. One caveat, chef's are great but servers are not really attentive. You have to be a bit demanding to get what you want. Oh, and don't be intimidated by the giant novel-like menus. Just get to the duck section and get that and order a side of greens and the condiments. #duck #beijing #pekingduck #dadong @cbcebulski @ajumamacbus