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Peach Cobbler from Linus ‘Bama-style BBQLast night i went Linus’ awesome BBQ place in Itaewon. We just had drinks because we got there late and the kitchen was shutting down. Actually they were like out of everything. I had Old Fashion drink and that was pretty good and they gave us some peach cobbler. It tasted like the south and […]
Korean Tasty Road ExhibitionO’ngo Food Communications in conjunction with the Korean Blue House, Cheongwadae, has made a special food museum for travelers to Korea that showcases the food culture of Korea through a series of exhibitions. The story of Korean food is told through creative dioramas and multi-media exhibitions. There will be exhibitions depicting historical foods such as from […]
Start Your Career as a Korean Traditional Market Tour GuideHi friends, if you ever wanted to be a food tour guide and work at a traditional market, here is your chance. Seoul City, the Seoul Creative Lab, and the Korea Culinary Tourism Association is offering classes on how to to be a food tour guide. On graduation, you will get a certification to be […]
WTF: Worst Food Ever at Kofoo PlateOh, Korea, you know that I love you. I love the down-home, authentic Korean food you serve. I love how you will share the whole gamut of flavors and cooking techniques in a single meal. When you make Korean Food. Yeah. Korean food in Korea is great. I mean really great. Sometimes other cuisines, not […]
11/11 Happy Pepero Day!11/11 Pepero Day is coming on November 11th. It is a day when friends give each other chocolate biscuit sticks called pepero. This year they have come out with some fancy ones like tiramisu and white cookie. Read more about Pepero here. http://www.seouleats.com/happy-pepero-day-everyone/

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