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Halloween links and great costumesHappy Halloween everyone. Here is some of the fun Halloween links I have spotted on the web. This is from KoreAm and they have some great scary stories : http://iamkoream.com/top-5-creepy-korean-urban-legends/ Also pretty scary: don’t drink fireball liquor. It’s got anti-freeze in it. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10101629385765268&id=60716513 Here are some kids and parents in costumes. He is kimbap! Here […]
50: An Unfortunate Restaurant that Doesn’t Fully Get Their Own ConceptAs a food writer and restauranteur, the rise and fall of restaurants fascinate me. I can usually tell within a few visits if a restaurant will be successful or not. Most restaurants I see these days make fatal flaws that are hard to recover from. The biggest problem is usually rent and the startup costs […]
종로 BREW 3.14와 함께 할 주중 및 주말 스텝을 구합니다안녕하세요 종로 BREW 3.14와 함께 할 주중 및 주말 스텝을 구합니다. 모집인원: 주중(월~금)서빙 스텝 0명 주말(토~일)서빙 스텝 0명 주말(토~일)요리 및 조리사 스텝 0명 근무시간: 월~금 6:00~11:00PM(조정가능) 토~일 2:00~11:00PM(조정가능) 시 급: 6000원 우대조건: 영어 가능자, 인근 거주자, 유경험자, 활발한 성격 연 락 처: [email protected] 종로 3가의 작은 피자펍 브루 3.14의 스텝 팀에 많은 지원바랍니다.
Don Charlie’s Case to be the Undisputed Mexican Food Champion in KoreaSeoulites are crazy passionate about their Mexican Food. A recent post of the Seouleats Facebook group set off a hailstorm of comments. In my last Mexican food review of Julios, I said I didn’t think the food was very authentic. Some people had differing opinions. I prefer flavorful Mexican food and I think I have […]
Outdoor Namu: The BistroLocated in the haughty Garusugil district, Outdoor Namu: The Bistro is another one of those restaurants that is trying to survive in the very competitive market. It has the elements to be successful and I hope it does survive. The interior is posh and has a “glamping feel,” the servers and staff are pretty and […]

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