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Meals at Home: How a Korean Family EatsThe other day my wife and I invited our mother to go out to eat. I thought it would be a special treat for her since she prepares many meals for us. We didn’t get the expected response. Our mother was offended that I had suggested that we eat outside for a normal meal. She […]
10 (Mostly) Food Trends in Korea and What They Mean1. Corn is becoming a big import as a snack and it is being imported from Thailand and Vietnam. Korea has always enjoyed boiled corn as a snack but local corn prices have been going up and much of it is being exported. Foreign corn (except from China) are seen as exotic and corn on […]
Cafe Newyork Cheese Cake by Cheolsan StationI am with my wife over by Cheolsan station having a coffee break with my wife and we found a decent cake shop. The interior is clean and the cake is tasty. I know the name says New York cheesecake but it is more Asian-style. What I mean is that it is lighter. Luckily it […]
Korean Food Crimes (microwaved bagels and sweet garlic bread)  I Love Korea for the most part but some aspects really peeve me off especially when in the morning. I love western breakfast and it is so hard to get a decent one here that doesn’t cost me 12 usd for some eggs, Hashbrowns and some fricken bacon. Geez…   Anyway, Dunkin Donuts really […]
Brew 3.14 Update: The NeighborsOur small little pub in the back alleys of Ikseongdong had done well. It is filled most nights and we are planning on opening during the day. We have a good group of regulars that come frequently and business is steady. All seems right, right? Wrong. The neighbors complain more and more as we emerge […]

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