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Letters to Gloria "The Ring"

Sorry, it's taken me so long to respond to you. Life's been a little hectic. It hasn't been tremendously hectic- just changes are taking place at my institute. Today my hagwon owner fired one of the foreign teachers because the teacher was really unhappy here and all the students really noticed it. He was a 50 year old New Zealand man that was really introverted, so he didn't do much with the students or even with the other teachers at our school. He said that he wanted to leave after the first week of being here, so I think he's happy that he is returning to his country. My hagwon and many other's in the area aren't doing very well because of the sluggish economy and because President Roh changed the education laws so many high school students can't attend hagwons. Oh, well, it's not my problem. I feel bad for my owner though, because he's a nice guy. I still have a lot of students so I'm not really worried. I have a funny story for you

Letters to Gloria

This is an e-mail I sent to Gloria, a really cool Korean girl that I met^^ Hello Gloria, It's afternoon in Gyeong Ju and my day has started off very well. I started my morning at 8am with a cup of green tea. I have this powered green tea that comes from Japan. It's like super premium, so when I drink it I feel really awake, alive, and happy. I really love Korean Green tea. I just ordered like 6 packages of Boseong Green tea. It's really good quality tea. I had it last year because of my friends, but I ran out and I've been waiting for more. I even have a traditional Korean tea set which I use everyday. I even have the 70 Degree thing down. I taught two classes already and now I'm resting a little bit because I ate some 잠지김밥 for lunch. Actually I had the 정무김밥 Do you remember California Restaurant? I went with some of my friends. It's the Kim bap restaurant right next to it. They have the best 잠지김밥! I am trying to teach myself how to type in Korean, so I

Joining the digital revolution MAC style

I feel like I'm 13 years old again with my Dell 386 computer and trying to supe it up with crazy software and learning Basic and DOS code because I wanted to be da shite on the PC. I think I had something like 8mb of RAM or something. Anyway, it wasn't powerful enough. Nothing was ever powerful enough. I was simply never satisfied. I mean after High School I bought myself a nice Micron computer and that was great for the longest time, except I had to reformat the hard drive like every two months or so. Have you ever had to reformat your hard drive with Windows 98? It takes like 1 hour (if everything goes all right sometimes it fucks up, so you've gotta start all over again). I hated it because I could have spent that time searching for more music with my friends or watching movies- because I had a tv card on my hulking desktop unit (my desk was actually too small for it.) Anyway the whole point is that I wasted so much of my life because I had this prejudice towards Macinto

Mac User solves the mystery of posting photos!

In the words of Homer Simpson, "I am so smart...SMRT...Doh! SMART. " Sigh, after working on figuring out how to get pictures on my blog, I have finally succeeded in posting photos on my blog using Flickr. Yeah, so what if it took me two days to finally succeed, but perseverance baby- that's all it takes. Are you listening boys and girls? Well, what you have to do is do all the signing up on flicker bullshit and then download the mac uploader jaun and then you have to open up a new blog for posting and then HIT THE "COMPOSE" TAB ON THE RIGHT HAND CORNER. This is the most crucial point. (Sometimes the most difficult problems can be solved with the simpliest solution.) So, you hit the compose tab on the right hand corner and then go to your flickr page and just grab the photo and drop it into the bog posting thingy. You can even change the size of the photos by hitting the tab that saids "all sizes" on the "photostream" tab. You can make the pi
I am trying to figure out to photoblog. This might be working so, I'm I'm going to publish it and see. Cheers all. Testing technology if frustrating isn't it?

In the Land of the Not Quite Right...

They call me a Jaemigyopo... which means that I'm a Korean born in another country. It's too hard trying to explain to them the truth. I've been in Korea for close to 9 months now. I am teaching English at a Hagwon, which is kinda like a Sylvain Learning center in America except that these places are like super popular. Koreans are super focused on education. I mean high school students will go to school from 8am- 10pm at night. Personally, I think it's a little extreme, but it's their culture. Koreans love to work. Actually, they don't love to work, they just have to work. There was a girl that I was dating in Korea and her parents have a restaurant and they work everyday from 5pm-5am 7 days a week. Most of the people here work 6 days a week. They usually start at 9am and they work until their supervisor leaves which could be any time between 6pm - 10pm. You, see they can't simply get up and leave when the minute hand touches the hour hand. No