Octopus Sundae

Fooled you! Sun-dae or spelled Soondae is a pork blood sausage that is stuffed with sweet potato noodles and typically served with steamed liver and other innards. It's not as bad as it sounds. It's actually pretty good. Anyway, I went to a restaurant in Gangnam yesterday with my Korean class (I'll get you the name of the place and location soon). The food was alright. They try various healthy fusion techniques on Korean food. This octopus sun-dae was one of the more exciting offerings. Now I've had stuffed Jokbal (pig's feet); this was the first time to have octopus. It was stuffed with a flour, vegetable mix with a bit of sweet potato noodle. I found that the flavor really didn't work and the texture (the overly chewy exterior with the mushy soft interior) wasn't very pleasant. It was a good idea overall. I'll give the chef marks for that.

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