RE: Restaurant Recommendations in Seoul

I'm going to have to do this sorta quick because I am supposed to be at work soon. Seoulberry recently asked me for some restaurant recommendations so here we go.

Traditional Korean:
Sanchon. It's in Insadong and it's Buddhist Temple food. I love the Goso-namul. Here's the info. Address: 14 Gwanghun Dong, Jongno Gu Insadong Website:
735 0312

Keungiwajip is also quite good. I love the atmosphere. This palace style food with many panchon. The pickled crab is amazing.
Address : 122-3, Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul 722-3799

Daejanggum near Posco. Here's my review of the place.

Sariwon in Gangnam for Bulgogi Hongdae has a place called Hongik Supul Galbi. It has fine meat in a working class atmosphere. Go outside exit 4 and make a left at the second intersection. Walk about 2 blocks and you'll see it across the street.

Gaon- upscale Korean fusion. I love the Jokbal Kimchi Chiggae. They have some special entrees that you have to order a day or two in advance.The atmosphere is breathtaking. Here's a link to a review of the place.

Sushi- Really good Japanese Sushi? Narita is quite good. It's as close to authentic as it comes in Seoul. Here's a blurb on the restaurant.
$$$$$ | Japanese
Witness the number of Japanese tourists who visit this restaurant to be assured that when it comes to quality and service, Narita serves 'the real thing'. The head chef has more than 30 years experience, including a long stint at one of Seoul's top hotels, ensuring that diners here can expect sushi deluxe. The restaurant also prides itself on efficient, friendly service. Recommendations from the menu are the assorted sashimi selection, Domi Meori Suljjim (red snapper head steamed in wine) and an assorted sushi platter. The restaurant also offers a Korean set menu.

Address: 950-1 Daechi-dong, Gangnam.

I recommend you go to Nori-rangjin, the Fish Market for Korean style raw fish. I think it's a unique experience and the taste is better than overpriced faux Japanese sushi bars. There are lots of raw fish places around.

So where are the cool people hanging out these days? Hongdae, but not at the clubs. If you go down by Club Evans and closer to Sangsu Station, there are many cool niche wine bars, cafes and restaurants. I love going to Aa Design Museum. The design is awe-inspiring.

In Itaewon there is Loft- by Rocky Mountain Tavern. B-one is a nice cool nightclub and you can't forget about Soho on Homo-hill.

Well, I hope that helps.


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