Patbingsu at Freshness Burger Review by Mandy

During summer time you can find patbingsu (shaved ice with red bean) on the menu of almost every single restaurants and coffee places in Korea - even in Mcdonald and Burgerking.
As each outlet tries to serve its own style of patbingsu, so they come up with multifarious new patbingsu's such as wine-bingsu, coffee-bingsu, and fruit-bingsu. While I enjoy these new styles of bingsu, it was getting hard to find old traditional style patbingsu.

Surprisingly Japanese hamburger store 'Freshness Burger' serves very plain, yet tasty, patbingsu. However, it is not Korean style. There is no fruit, corn flakes, nor ice cream.
This patbingsu comes with only shaved ice, red bean, condensed milk and small cubical rice cakes. Unlike most patbingsu places, which use canned red bean, its red bean is cooked in the outlet. So it is home made style.

The red bean is not mashed and keeps its shape in the patbingsu. One of my friends comes to this place only for this red bean. The only thing I didn't like was that the ice wasn't shaved evenly. Also, the condensed milk and home made red bean with sugar could make patbingsu too sweet for some people.

The price for patbingsu is 5500won and green tea bingsu is 6500won.

There are 17 Freshness Burger outlets in Korea and over 200 in Japan.


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