Burger Review

This month for Eloquence Magazine, I'll be reviewing Hamburgers. I want to do a comprehensive review and cause a bit of a scandal by ranking them. But before I do that I would love your feedback on where you have had the best burger in Seoul. I am listing a bunch of restaurants in no particular order.

The Wolfhound (Itaewon)
Gecko's Terrace (Itaewon)
Daily Kings (Bundang)
The Aussie Shop (Itaewon)
Richard Copycat's American Diner (Itaewon)
Jacobeys (Haebangchon)
Indigo (Haebangchon)
Kraze Burger (everywhere)
Freshness Burger (everywhere)
Hard Rock Cafe (Itaewon)
The Outback (Everywhere)
Smokey's Saloon (Itaewon)
The Corner Bistro (Itaewon)

Is there any missing from the list? In your opinion, which restaurant do you think has the best burger? I mean the complete package: the meat, the bun, the toppings.

I find that the buns in this country are often lacking. Where can you get a good meat to bun ratio in this country? Hmmmm???

Let your voice be heard! We might have to go on a burger excursion, "to do research."


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