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Seoul Eats: Baking in Korea

Just flour, sugar, butter, an egg, a dash of salt, a bit of baking powder can transform your entire house into a time capsule. Baking cookies in the kitchen is almost every child’s first foray into cooking. Play-dough trained us in the technical skills of mixing and forming cookie shapes and our short stature is perfect for peering into the television like oven to see our creations transform into delicious confectioneries.

Baking can be problematic in Korea, especially if you don’t know where to go. Most households still lack ovens- and if you do have an oven, you might not know where to get all the proper tools such as pans, spatulas, pastry bags, measuring cups, and mixers. While most modern supermarkets such as E-Mart or Lotte Mart now carry some baking supplies, the price of the ingredients is astronomical and sub par; so baking requires a true investment of your time and money. I posed this dilemma to my friend Elinza Pretorius, who has her own baking company; she pointed me towards Bangsan Market near Dongdaemun.

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