Lightning Review: Ricecake Cafe Nurigae gotgi 느리게걷기

You can get directions here:

Just say Cheongdam Sagaree.

Here is a great cafe in Apgujeong that is totally high end and amazing. It's all about the interior which has high ceilings and an modern feel to it. The cafe has a variety of drinks on the menu such as coffee, tea, wine, beer and they have food such as spaghetti, fruit, and cake.

My favorite thing there is the patbingsu. The patbingsu here is very simple. It's not buried in candy, whipped cream, red bean, and other junk. It has a scoop of icecream over red bean covered with some roasted soybean powder, set on shaved ice. The ricecakes are very delicious and chewy.

Check it out!


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