Dinner and Night-Skiing

This past weekend I went to Phoenix Park. My friends and I went to the Castle Pines "Western Restaurant" at The Hotel.

Though I opted for lighter fare, my friends had DELICIOUS seafood pasta stuffed with mussels, clams, oysters... ohhhh they had to stop me from eating all their food! If you find yourself at Phoenix Park this winter, I suggest the Castle Pines restaurant.

The pasta will only run you 13,000 and a drink (which they are also good at) will be about 6,000. They have really good wine and my Manhattan was lovely!

Here's some pictures:

The wonderful seafood pasta

Me with my delicious (and very alcoholic) Manhattan! It even had an olive--I was excited. haha.

This is what every new snowboarder needs: a hearty meal, and a good drink to make the pain go away.

I ended my night with an Irish Coffee which is a very funny story. I asked the waitress for an Irish Coffee and hinted at the Bailey's I saw on the counter. After watching her pick up a bottle of Irish Liqueur and the Bailey's and stare at them for a couple minutes, she picked the liqueur. At first I wanted to correct her, but I was curious... so we waited.

She came back with a cup of coffee, a glass of ice, and a double shot of this Irish stuff. I poured the liqueur into the coffee and expected the worst. To my surprise, this was one of the best drinks I'd had in ages! I think my new thing might be to try an Irish Coffee all over Korea and see what I get!!

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