Desserts in Seoul

One thing you might not know about me is that I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I mean it’s not like I need sweets all the time, but I do enjoy a nice slice of cake or piece of candy. Now one thing I can’t stand is something that’s just poorly made or if it’s made with corn syrup. Oh, and I can’t stand cakes that have shortening and sugar icing. It’s just gross. And no cherry tomatoes. For some odd reason, in Korea they have decided that a cherry tomato is a good substitute for a Cherry. Let me tell you now, it's not and it never will be.'re probably wondering where you can get a good dessert in Seoul. Let me help you out.

Let’s start up north. In Samcheongdong there is Beans Bin and they make excellent waffles with ice cream. It’s like a Valentine’s day hot spot and there is always a huge line. Also in Samcheongdong there is J’s Cakes. The Cake Chef uses all natural ingredients and her cakes are beautiful works of art. I had a very delicate carrot cake there and I really like their chocolate banana cake.

Also, that area is Café de Coin. It’s like up the street to Samcheongdong as you pass the Artsonje Museum. They have excellent Patbingsu there. I really like their Blackbean binsu and their Green Tea Binsu. What’s great about this place is that the blackbean binsu has black sesame seeds and coffee. Also there are sugared walnuts, coffee ice cream and whole pieces of duk. It is amazing. The Green tea one is quite good as well.

If you go to Itaewon, I’ve gotta tell you about Passion 5. It’s the headquarters to the Paris Croissant Empire and it has amazing cakes, chocolates and little pudding pots. If you ever upset a loved one, get a cake and a couple pieces of chocolate and give it to them.

Toque has great homestyle pecan pies and cakes. Also,

Tartine has great pies, ABOVE behind the Hamilton hotel as amazing chocolate muffins with oozy chocolate.

I really like the Apple pies at Tony’s Bar and Grill on top of the hill across from McDonalds.

St. Ex behind Hamilton has amazing chocolate mousse and really strong coffee.

As for commercial places. On the border has a great apple pie that comes on a sizzling hot plate and Bennigans has it's Chocolate brownies topped with vanilla ice cream...yum.

Anyone have any dessert recommendations?


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