Random Pics: 1 Last Steak before I go

This is Brian. He is currently in the Korean Army. When he had a couple days of leave, he came to visit me so I took him out to get a steak before he had to rejoin the ranks. We went to Outback because that was the only place around where I work. Next time I'll have to take him to a nicer place.

Chicken Chili from Gecko's Terrace. It was quite good.

Caesar Salad from Gecko's Terrace. Eh. It was alright.

Pastrami Sandwich from Gecko's Terrace. The bread was good. One of these days, I'm going to have to do a sandwich review in Korea. Where are all the good sandwiches at?

Darts at Geckos. I won! This was my last throw. I'm totally serious. Sara is my witness. You can ask her^^

Market O's real Brownie. You can get these at most convenience stores these days. Market O is promoting themselves as a all natural, "real" snack alternative. This box had about 5? brownies and it cost about 3,000won. They were a tad small to be real brownies, but they were moist and chocolatey. They were alright, but I could get 3 times the number of choco-pies for the same amount of cash.

Jason Lindley with his famous chocolat stout. He brews his own beer and this stout was awesome. Awesome!

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