Quick Bites

This will be published in the March issue of Eloquence Magazine.

Gostiny Dvor
There is a prominent Russian population in Seoul, and you have been wondering where they eat. Once you walk out Dongdaemun Stadium Exit 7, you’ll be transported to little Russia. Gostiny Dvor has exotic dishes like Pelmeni (lamb mandu), Soyanka (a warm, piquant sausage soup), and Selyodka pod shuboj (a layered dish with beets, potatoes, smoked fish and cheese.) Delicious. #2275 7501.

Chez Simon
Samcheongdong has the right to be a little pretentious. It is the place where the rich and elite live and they should know good food, right? Chez Simon is up and at the a little alley, on the raised terraces of houses in the center of Samcheongdon. It has a set menu for lunch and dinner. It’s chef’s choice, and it’s reservations only. This French trained chef will not disappoint. http://blog.naver.com/chezsimon #130 1045.

It’s like a Chipotle Mexican Grill that has been transported to Seoul. This kinetic Mexican joint boasts fresh ingredients and seasoning. It’s a nice place to go for a quick burrito for lunch or a taco for dinner. It’s a build your own burrito/taco place, so you can mix and match the ingredients that you want. Sadly, I didn’t see any tomatillo salsa on the menu. (Hint!) www.tomatillo.co.kr #734 9225

If you happen to be by Gyodae station, exit 12, I recommend you seek out iBake. It looks like another cookie cutter sandwich shop, but look closely behind the counter. You’ll see a big commercialized oven, a huge dough mixer, and near it a quaint kitchenaide mixer. Over by the bread racks, you’ll find silpat and silicon gloves. This is equipment used by pros-used by people in the know. The steak, grilled vegetable, and mozzerella and tomato sandwiches are well seasoned and laid on fresh baked bread. www.ibake.co.kr #582 5442

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