Fan Mail! Hi Jennifer

Hey Seoul Eats Readers,

I love getting fan mail and I always try to answer them as soon as possible. One reader, Jennifer asked:

since last week, i've had this unsatiable craving for pommes frites, but have not been able to find a place that sells belgian fries anywhere. =(
do you know of a place you can recommend?

oh, and one more question. do you know where i can buy real cheese? i.e. cheese that does not resemble kraft singles slices and posseses actual substantive taste to its existence? i have no cheese(s) to eat with my wine. brie and apples! gruyere! super crumbly blue cheese i always forget the name of!

For Pomme Frites, I recommend Mignon behind the Hamilton Hotel. It has great food and the patio is wonderful to sit out on during the Springtime. I recommend getting the mussels with the pomme frites. If I recall, they might have come automatically as a side.

For real cheese, it's around everywhere, but I've been noticing it has been getting expensive. Cheese can be bought at any department store supermarket such as Shinsegae, Hyundai, or Lotte. Also, the Foreign Marts in Itaewon, Hannamdong, and other marts that specialize in these kinds of products will have them as well. Chef Meili's also has great cheeses as well.

I've found that the Russian bakeries and stores near Dongdaemun Stadium will have them as well. Overall, it's all around.

Readers, one surprising thing that I've come across is the rising price of butter. a block of Anchor butter (which is the equivalent to 4 sticks) now costs around 6,900 won. I remember back about 1 year ago it only cost 4,500 won. It's sad and a bit scary. Also I saw a little package (about 150 grams) of subpar gouda and it cost 7,500 won. Prices on imported goods are going up, so if you are heading to Korea stock up. If you are here, then use sparingly or find substitutions.

On a positive note, Jennifer has been to the fabled taco truck Aaron and I have talked about on this blog.

one odd entry was the kogi taco truck? have you had it before?
if you haven't, i must say chef roy's kogi tacos are reallyyyyyy delicious. on my first visit to the taco truck, i ordered the kogi taco, kimchi quesadilla, and kogi sliders.
the chef himself takes the orders from the truck, and he is really nice!

Jennifer, thanks for reading and for sending me a letter.


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