Korean Toothbrushing: Thanks, eatyourkimchi for making my night

Oh, my god. This is AWESOME! I was trolling the internet because I'm suffering from insomnia and I came across eat your kimchi  and their video on toothbrushing is amazing. AMAZING! It really gets to the root of the Korean toothbrushing. 

So here are Martina and Simon Stawski and be sure to watch the video!


How good is your dental hygiene? Carry floss with you in case of emergencies? Have a small bottle of mouthwash in your dashboard? If your friends think you are obsessive with the way you clean your teeth, then maybe you should move to Korea, where brushing your teeth isn't just a matter of hygiene, it's a lifestyle. Martina recorded the great extent to which her school cares about the state of its teeth. You'll be surprised. Click on the picture above to see our video on Korean Toothbrushing, or check the sidebar for different formats.

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