Menupan's Top 10 Restaurants on May 27th, 2009...or what Seoulites are eating

1 (8) 양식 서대문구 10,619.00

2 (80) 한식 강남구 9,122.00

3 (2) 양식 종로구 8,181.00

4 (45) 뷔페 금천구 7,946.00

5 (1) 양식 중구 7,895.00

6 (8) 양식 마포구 7,749.00

7 (37) 양식 서초구 7,681.00

8 (21) 양식-스테이크전문 강남구 7,569.00

9 (575) 중식 노원구 6,820.00

10 (7) 양식 강남구 6,657.00

So this is the second week of the Menupan top 10 list. Has there been many restaurant moves? NO! Menupan: FAIL. I was hoping to update their top ten on Seoul Eats every week, but it doesn't look like they update it that often. Maybe I'll give it a try in another week or so. Sorry for the let down folks, but apparently the Seoulites are still eating at the same restaurants from the week before.


1. Florence. It's over by Ewha and it serves up heavily sauced faux Italian.
2. Hwa Ssi 167 Do. It's in Gangnam Gu Cheong Exit 3 and they serve up Korean Food.
3. Lochef. Steak and Pasta over by Hwehwa station. They have fancy steaks and pasta on their menu. It doesn't look half bad. It's expensive, looks good. Also
4. Cfood Kitchen. Seafood buffet. It looks like they've got a nice spread and for 19,000, it doesn't seem bad. It is over by Doksan Station.
5. Sokbul 1978. Fancy Steak over by Myeongdong exit 3. They can dress up a minutes worth of steak to look like a million dollars...and you only have to pay W29,000 for the privilege.
6. Primo Bacio Baci. Ok. I've eaten here and it's not bad for the price. The place always has a line and they have decent pizza, salads, and they don't gauge out your eye on wine. It's in Hongdae out exit 5.
7. Sao paulo. I don't know how it sounds but it is a Brazilian Steak place over by Gyodae Station (Seoul National University of EDUCATION exit 14). It looks alright. I'd be willing to check it out.
8. Freshville. It's got foreign food and steak. It's over by Samseong Station exit 4. It looks like the serve up a lot of steak on the cheap. The interior has a very...X-mas feel to it. Feliz Navidad.
9. My Chai. It looks like a smiley face that's really expensive to eat. Lots of yellow, fancy plating, and small portions. Yeah...let's see. If you wanna give it a try head out to Gongteong Station exit 4.
10. The Crab House. I'd actually like to give this place a try. It's over by Apgujeon Station Exit 4 and it looks like good seafood. You've got whole crabs done tempura and sauce. They also have pastas that start at 12,000. Not why is it at 10? Hmmmm....Don't know.

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