GO PENGUINS! Who's up for Hockey, Japanese Ramen, and Beer O'Clock

It is Wednesday, May 27th in Korea and tonight is Hockey night.

Call me crazy if you will. Actually just call me Koreazy. I'm a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan and they are playing the Carolina Candy Canes tonight. If they win they could advance to the finals. It is inevitable that they will advance, but I feel that they will do it tonight.

I will be at Beer O'Clock in Sinchon (the stop next to Hongdae). A map is below. I will be watching the game and running over to get Japanese Style Ramen at a cool little place near by during the break. The ramen place has many individualized booths where you can sit by yourself or with another person and the ramen comes out of a cutaway slot in the front. You order the ramen by computer before you get in and I don't think you even see the people making it. It's like magic.

The game starts at 8pm and it will go on till 11ish. The ramen place is right around the corner. I can't promise that it will be delicious, but I will promise it will be interesting.

Come out if you wanna join us.


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