Pics from the Kimchikhan Documentary Dinner

Chef Anna Kim came to Korea to conquer and conquer she did. This accomplished chef currently works in Gordon Ramsay's Empire in Las Vegas and she was asked to come to cook for dinner event for an upcoming documentary on Kimchi called KimchiKhan ( The film is being produced and directed by Steve Shin and it has the playful byline: Searching for the 6th taste bud.

All of her dishes are made without butter or sugar and she only had 24 hours to prep from start to finish for this event.


Here are a few of her creations.

We have kimchi chocolate, a salt baked sea bass with kimchi lemon sauce, stuffed kimchi rolls, filet mignon with kimchi, kimchi and gomchi bilinis with salmon and caviar, and kimchi chocolate cherries with roasted soybean powder.


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