Menupan's Top 10 Restaurants as of Wednesday, July 8th

2009년 06월 | 레스토랑부문 1위

강남구 삼성동
평점: 13,060.00

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1. Cipolla Rossa. It's in Samseongdong by the Coex. It's an Italian Trattoria. They make their own pasta and their other speciality seems to be steak. Signature dishes include Onion stuffed with Garlic Cheese and Sweet Cream Cranberry Pizza.
2. Lochef. It's near Hwehwa. It looks like French Style Korean food on white tablecloth. You can get their PIX E Pasta if you want Fusilli in a fried Tortilla and Tortilla pizza on the side. (I'm being sarcastic. Would you want to eat that?)
3. Gazen. It's near Gangnam Station. It's got Japanese style food. Signature dishes include Okonomiyaki (10,400) and the Tuna and Avocado Maki Roll (8,400). I've actually been here and it's not bad.
4. Agra. It's in Itaewon under the Burger King. I have no respect for Menupan because they have put this awful restaurant on the list. The environment is stylish, but the food is overpriced and cheap. I ordered Palak Paneer- my favorite Indian Dish- and they put 2 pieces of paneer in the dish and tried to substitute potatoes in it's place! Boo! But hey, maybe this is what you can get if you pay to advertise on Menupan.
5. Crazy Ocean. It's in Mapo-gu near Hongdae or Hapjeong Station. It's a seafood buffet.
6. Sodam Hanjeong-shik. It's in Incheon and the only way you can get there is to take a special bus or drive. Their specialty dishes are hanjeong-shik and Korean food. Now this restaurant doesn't make sense because it's really far out of the way and yet it has made it's way into the top 10. Most of the other restaurants are in high traffic areas.
7. Primo Bacio Baci. It's in Hongdae and I've been to this place and it's quite good. Their signature dishes are: cream pasta in a bread bowl (Pane-11,000) and Al Forno Manzo (Steak and Pasta 16,000.) They have a decent wine selection and it's not over priced. I had a decent bottle of Rancho Zapato there for 30,000 won. This is a restaurant that deserves to be on the list.
8. The Crab House. It's in Apgujeong and I've heard decent reviews about this place, but it's not as good as the Singapore original. Their specialty is crab.
9. Buono Pasta. It's near Hongdae's front gate and they have pasta and western food.
10. Bouchon. It's near Hongdae as well and it is a wine bar with Caprese salads, sausage and chicken, and other dishes in a stylish atmosphere.

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