Mexipalooza this Saturday

End of Summer Blues???

Cheer up and mark your calendar for Mexi-Palooza!

A day of great food, drinks, and LIVE MUSIC.

Don't miss our 4,000won margaritas!

Don't pass up on your choice of Mexican Beers--4,000won!

And that's not all....check our our EVENT TENTS to purchase your choice of menu items...
--2 Pork Carnitas Tacos--4,000won
--Grilled Summer Veggies Quesadilla--4,000won
--4 Chicken Taquitos--4,000won

So far, we've got a MARIACHI BAND...stay tuned for other bands joining the show!

Tell your friends...this will be an event you won't want to miss!!!!

Stay tuned for more information!

Go to their Facebook page to reserve!

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