Photoblog: Sunday with Lauren at Sunny Days

Lauren enjoying a tofu vegetable sandwich with cheddar (Sunny Days will let you switch cheese if you ask nicely.) The slice of tofu was marinated, thick, and yum.

My Hawaiian Hamburger with pineapple, lettuce, mustard, cheese and house-made bread. The potato wedges were nice as well.

A Close-up of Lauren's Tofu Veggie Burger.

Here is the owner with her fresh baked multi-grain rolls. The bread is crusty and hearty. I only know one other place that makes their own rolls (Geckos in Itaewon). It's really. pretty darn good.

Lauren insisted I take a picture of how I fixed the wobbly table with a bit of newspaper. Oh, and those are her feet.

A close up of my burger before I ate every last bite.

Sunny Days. In Itaewon below the All-American Diner on the McDonald's End of the street. Definitely worth checking out. I think I might have found my new favorite burger place.

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