All you can drink beer for 10,000 won and English Teachers drink free

Of course there is a catch.

This is the e-mail I got from Jason Lindley about Ka-Brew's English Teacher Night

I'd love to see you guys tonight as I'll be there handling "English Teacher night":  It will be 10% off for all English teachers and Professors.  Also, professors drink for free if they bring 5 or more drinking age students.  Also, Alley Kat will be included in the beer buffet price. This event will be on Friday, October 9th Only.

Regardless, I don't think they realized that most of the teachers can drink the students under the table.

Directions: Miaseomgori station, exit 3, walk 35 meters straight. You will pass a KEB bank, and Ka-Brew is two buildings after that, on the ground floor of the Ecopia building. If you walk past the KEB for more than a minute you've probably gone too far.

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