Hanspoon: Food Studies Club Gastronomique

Eddy Ahn: Chef extraordinaire, foodie, and friend invited myself, Joe MacPherson aka zenkimchi and a couple other foodies to the Hanspoon opening party. You can find about more about Hanspoon at www.cyworld.com/FSCG and on their Facebook page

We started out with a few Makgeolli cocktails. This one was a Makgeolli Pina Colada. Makgeolli pairs very well with different juices and flavorings. My favorite of the evening was a Omija (5-flavor berry) Makgeolli.
Here are breads made with Makgeolli yeast. I loved the presentation.
Here are some Pork Kimchi Lollipops: samgyeopsal (Grilled Pork Belly) on forks topped with kimchi. It was a wonderful hors d'oeuvre to start the evening.
Here is Glass Bean Jelly in rice paper wraps flavored with sesame oil and roasted seaweed. Tangpyeongchae is the regular Korean dish, but it is usually very difficult to eat because the noodles are very slippery to eat with chopsticks. Wrapping them in rice paper is a great way make this dish finger food.
Here are tofu mixed with chicken and then put on thin, crisp baguette chip. The tofu is dusted with paprika or black sesame seed and a parmesan crisp.
Here is Chef Eddy.

Here is the Makgeolli Pina Colada.

Here is a chicken stew in a cream sauce.
Here is Zen Kimchi.

Here chef Eddy with Omija Makgeolli.

I can't remember what this dish was, but it was good.
For dessert was persimmon ice cream in a pumpkin sauce.

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