Andersen-handmade cake & tea (Dongbu Ichon Dong) by Michelle Min

Hey everyone, It's Michelle.

I just realized that this place is super girly. Haha.

All in all, the place is cute, my black tea chiffon cake was dry but the frosting was decent, not too sweet but delicious!

Subway Line 4, stop Ichon, exit 3-1

Andersen sounds like a furniture shop and it kinda looks like Ikea.

Cool Sign.

Prices are reasonable. Americanos for 4,000 won and 4,500 for tea.

Aren't the napkins super cute!

(homemade brownies)

                                              (black tea chiffon cake 4,000 won a slice)

Strawberry Tart

Mocha Chiffon

New York Cheese Cake

Patissier: Uhi Ryoung Nam (남의령)
Yongsan gu Ichon 1 Dong, 301-18
Dong In Sang Ga #106
(용산구 이촌1동 301-18 동인상가 106호)
Tel. 02.797.8838

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