New Dinner Giveaway: What do you think of the New Wolfhound Menu?


UPDATED! Contest extended till December 24th! Get your comments in now!

Seoul Eats has a new dinner giveaway contest. This one is for The Wolfhound Pub in Itaewon. As you have probably noticed, I am a big fan of the pub. Last Sunday, I went to the Wolfhound for a Seoul Eats meet up and Wayne from the Wolfhound was kind enough to reserve us a table on the busy Sunday afternoon.

The last contest for Tartine was a huge success. The final comment count was 319. Chef Garrett of Tartine was very happy and he said he is interested in running the promotion again in the future.

So the new contest is to give comments about the New Wolfhound menu. I have three 20,000 won gift certificates to give away. You can make comments about food that you liked, disliked, or suggestions for additions or subtractions. The contest is not about the quantity of comments but the quality. These comments will be used by the Wolfhound to design their new menu, so they are looking for constructive criticisms. You can comment in English or Korean.

1 winner will be chosen by me. 
1 winner will be chosen by the Wolfhound. 
1 winner will be chosen by a special guest judge. 

The contest finishes at 6pm on Sunday, December 24th.

Here's what I think:

Honestly, their menu is a little too big and it should be paired down a bit. I think they need new fries, or...sweet potato fries. I haven't had the soups or pasta. If they could Irish-fy their Green Curry, I think it could work. BTW I love their mash potatoes, caesar salad, breakfast, and steak sandwich.  

Alrighty! Start commenting. (Click on the menu to enlarge).

The Wolfhound is near the Itaewon Subway Station. From the station walk down the street ACROSS from the Hamilton Hotel and go down the first alley on your right. We are about 20 meters down on the right on the 2nd and 3rd floors. If you are still confused call 02-749-7971.

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