iWant: Apple iPad in Seoul, Korea

I am an Apple Fanboy. I mean I've only used Apple computers while I have lived in Korea. They simply fit me. They are elegant, the operating system is visual and stable, and they are powerful enough to do all the multimedia things that I have always wanted to do.

Now I really want the iPad. I think that it will really be great for all the work that I do. Most of my work involves working with clients, writing, and creating. Even though I would love to be able to pull out my laptop and just work anywhere, I feel that a laptop needs a desk. I feel like with the iPad, I could walk around and work. With all the food that I eat, I think this great for my health. I love to walk and work. I know this sounds weird, but I like to walk while reading books.

Anyway, I think that this product will be useful for cooks and restaurants as well. At this price point, I could see these products becoming the ordering consoles for restaurants and even menus. I could see chefs using these in the kitchens to write down recipes, keep inventory, and many other functions.

This product is going to be a game changer, but I think more for business and retail applications.

Sure, I would like an external camera (I don't want one for visual chat) and I would like an SD slot, but...at this price point, I can't complain. It's a thousand times better than a netbook. I had an MSI wind in the past and I got rid of it after a couple of months. You can read about it here: http://www.seouleats.com/2008/08/msi-wind-for-blogging.html

I can't wait until this product comes to Seoul.


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