Look! I'm hanging out with Angel from the Musical Rent in Seoul

When the musical Rent came to Seoul in September, I was lucky enough to have been contacted by them. I first went out with a couple of the cast members to Cafe Sobahn. There we had some great bibimbap and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Later, I got to hang out with Andy Senor Jr. Andy played the part of Angel in the original casting of the famous musical. Interestingly, when I went to see the musical back in 2000, I probably saw him on the stage.

Andy has a great food blog called La Vie Boh...mmmm!!! He gets to travel around the world eating by day and performing by night. Geez...what a great life.

Anyway, we wandered through Kwangjang Market together and this is the video that he made. Be sure to watch for the part where Andy learns some Korean.


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