Watch KBS1 tonight at 8pm for an International Cooking Class Special

Back in December, I was invited by KBS TV to participate in a Buddhist Temple Cuisine Cooking Class. I learned how to prepare dishes using locally grown produce. The special ingredient was lotus root which has medicinal qualities and adds a floral accent to the dishes. You can see it tonight (Sunday, February 14th) at 8pm on KBS1 TV.

Happy Eating!

Here is the front to Kilsangsa Temple
The meditation area.
The head monk. His English was impeccable and his message was profound.
Here are some of the participants.
Chefs in action.
Guljeolpan: Buckwheat crepes with vegetables.
Kimchi and Tofu.
Lotus Broth
Dasik: Pressed Pine Pollen Delicacies.
Lotus Tea

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