Cooking for your dog: carrot pancakes and sunflower and peanut butter treats

I've been doing some research on what to feed your dog and I found some great recipes. Hubble doesn't like dry food at all and I have to mix in something good with it to get him to eat it. He's a really picky eater (he must be like me). These days, I've been making an egg for him in the morning and, if I make a meat dish, I give him a portion. I've found that he has been happier since I've started cooking for him.

At the Maltese Terrier Guide, I found a recipe for carrot pancakes. Carrots are quite good for dogs and they are crunchy, so helps clean their teeth. I sometimes give my dog carrot slices as a treat. I also found out that dogs like broccoli as well. I'll have to give that a try next time. The Maltese Terrier Guide suggested you mash up the carrots into a paste, mix in a bit of flour and then fry them up in a fry pan. An interesting treat that I'm going to try is a sunflower and peanut butter treat. This treat is rich in protein and the peanut butter is good for their gums. They suggest you take sunflower seeds and mix in some molasses and peanut butter and make a little ball with it.

Any ground meats such as chicken or hamburger is good for dogs. It's especially good if you mix this into organic dog food. The dry kibble mix helps clean their teeth as well. Another website suggests adding a small can of peas and carrots per pound of meat. Then measure it out into 8 portions and freeze them. Then thaw one out a day and cook it up in the morning. I think the best meat would be chicken, because it is leaner, plus it won't leave a lot of fat in the pan- so it's easy for clean up.

If you think about it, cooking for your dog is a lot cheaper and healthier than buying canned food (Korean canned dog food costs around 2,000 won (2 dollars)) that has many fillers and preservatives. If you really love your dog, I think cooking is the way to go.


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