Seoul Eats with Zen Kimchi and Fatman Seoul in this week's Chosun Weekly

Just another post of what the food bloggers are doing in Korea to market Korean food. I think this is like the umpteenth interview that I've done on this topic and's ok. Does it have any real impact on government policies and such? Honestly, it does. Korea is all about print- they love hard copy. The idea that a internet blog makes it into print means that important people will read it and it gives credibility to the whole blogging...thing.

Anywho, Shin Hye-gi did a great write up on it for the Weekly Chosun and you can pick up your copy at newstands now.

Look! That's me in the middle!

This is what the cover to the magazine looks like. Pick it up today!
The pictures are from Zenkimchi. You should go to his write-up because he has a particularly prickly thing to say about the whole "Korean Food the World" project. Here's the link.

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