O'ngo Food will be at the 20th Anniversary Party at the Dragon Hill Lodge

These days, the company I work for, O'ngo Food Communications, has been quite busy because we are participating at the 20th Anniversary of the Dragon Hill Lodge. So tomorrow we will be serving food at the Dragon Hill Lodge Hotel- we've spent the whole day today preparing it. We'll also be on base on Saturday near the Discover Seoul Stand inside the hotel. We'll have giveaways and sign-up information about our cooking classes and tours. We'll be opening up our cooking studio by the middle of May and then, we'll be able to do regular classes with Chef Shawn.

Oh, the menu for tomorrow is Spicy Korean Chicken Skewers, Tofu and Kimchi, and Korean Pancakes.

We will be there starting at 5pm. Stop by if you are on the US military base.

Here's the Flyer
Look! there's the O'ngo Logo! I'm so proud^^

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