Volunteer to Cook for Children on Children's Day

Once a month I volunteer at a halfway house for Korean children. This isn't an orphanage, but a place where the kids are supposed to stay temporarily until their parents come back to get them. However, some of these kids have been here for about a year. If the parent's decide not to get them, then they will go to a real orphanage where other options are considered including adoption.

May 5th is Children's Day in Korea and it's a day where most kids wait in bated anticipation for. Most kids get presents and then spend the day with their parents going to amusement parks, zoos, or movies. These kids won't have that opportunity so it is a very sad and depressing day for them.

This year we'll be going to the orphanage on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 10am to cook lunch for these kids and to help clean the building. The station is down by Beomgye (Line 4 towards Oido). We'll be cooking Korean barbecue and different side dishes. Now not everyone will be able to cook- the kitchen is pretty small. Some people will go help clean the rooms (the place is understaffed and underfunded) while others will play games with the kids. (No, you won't have to teach these kids English.) Everyone that comes to volunteer is asked to pay 20,000 won to help pay for the cost of food. We only have 10 spots available, so please e-mail me if you are interested at seouleats at gmail dot com

For those who can't make it help volunteer, we need donations so we can buy presents, books, clothes, and toys for these kids.

You can transfer money via Korean Bank Transfer to:
Bank: KEB
Name: Daniel Gray
Account Number: 620-166405-828

You can also send money by clicking on the donate button:

Thanks for listening and I hope you can help,

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