Work with Dan: Become a Culinary Tour Guide

O'ngo Food Communications with Seoul Eats has been developing Culinary Tours to introduce Korean Food to travelers to Korea. We have several different tours including the Night Dining Tour, the Market Tour and Cooking Class, and the Temple Cuisine and Tea Tour.

We are looking for tour guides that can speak English or Japanese and Korean and wish to learn in depth about Korean food. You will be trained to give a tour from food specialists: Daniel Gray and Professor Jia Choi.

Ideal candidates don't have to be absolutely fluent in English or Japanese, but they should be able to talk about Korean food and culture in a way that is insightful. A college degree is not necessary- this would be a perfect part-time job for university students.

This is a great way to meet travelers to Korea, practice speaking English or Japanese, and to learn about Korean Food.

Contact Daniel Gray for more details at seouleats @ gmail. com

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