Ka-Brew's Electric BBQ Beer Bash Event on Saturday May 29th!

My buddies Jason and Steve are doing another Ka-Brew event. It's called the Electric BBQ. As always, they are out to get you drunk because it's all you can drink. Read more for all the details on how you can sign up.

Hello all!

Booze Brothers is proud to present, Ka-Brew 2: The Electric BBQ tour and all-you-can-drink love fest! On Saturday, May 29th, we will be hosting our second BBQ at the Ka-Brew brewery in Gapyeong Province, South Korea. While at the brewery, you will be able to partake in a tour of the facilities, eat as much as you can, drink as much as you can, and listen to a great selection of live music (TBD). We will also have pick-up games of Ultimate!**

Included in the cost of your 50,000 Won ticket will be: Transportation to and from the brewery, food, all-you-can-drink beer for 4 hours (depending on bus arrival), music, and a tour for those who request it.

As for the beer, we will be serving Ka-Brew's 3 standards: Hefeweizen, Pilsner, and Dark Ale. We will also be serving Alley Kat AND a completely new batch of IPA!
All You Can Drink.

**This just in, we are adding a few games of Ultimate Frisbee to the event list. Here's the deal--if you can gather a team before the event, shoot a facebook message to Jason Lindley or Colette Nickerson to register your team. Other than that, we will be playing 7 v 7 pick up games. Depending on how many teams we have, we will either have a quick match up or a tournament.

Winners will receive PRIZES

1:30 PM Meet at Noksapyeong station, ex. 2
2:00 PM Depart Noksapyeong station, ex. 2
3:30-4PM Arrive at the Brewery
4:30PM until 5:30PM Brewery Tours will be available in small groups, as requested
5:30PM Ultimate Frisbee Contest
6:30PM Conclusion of the Contest and awarding of prizes
7:30-8PM Departure from the brewery (depends on arrival)
9:30 PM Arrival at Noksapyeong station

Payment info:
Send all payments to Jason Lindley using the information below.

Jason Lindley
Shinhan Bank
Phone: 010-8685-9098

After making your payment, send a text to Jason indicating your name, bank name, account number, amount, and email address.

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