Restaurant Recommendations and I'm sad for Mary Jane

/Oh, yeah. this is a restaurant review site. I should recommend places for you to go eat.

/Last night I went to Yum Thai for the second time this week and it was just as delicious as ever. Excellent Som Tam and the Duck Curry was epic. Right now they have a Chang Beer Special: Buy 2 and get one free.

/Danny b went to Dong-in-Dong for intense Braised Spicy Garlic Beef. He said it was just as good as ever.

/Edward Kwon's the Spice in Hangangjin is definitely worth it. I recommend the Prestige Dinner Course. Review is coming soon.

/I went to Cafe JeJe over the weekend. It's in Haebangchon up the street from Kobawoo Supermarket. Excellent espresso there. The barista has mad skills and the atmosphere is quite nice. 02-749-1002.

/Rudy Maxa was here last week and he went to Suji's restaurant twice for the pastrami and corned beef sandwiches. I had a chance to meet Rudy and I will be in a forthcoming episode on Seoul.

/I visited Mary Jane over in Hapjeong. I found out that Jake the bartender/manager has left. The cocktails I got were pretty awful. The food wasn't great either. I'm sad. :(

/Retro Oven is right down from my office and I heard that it has been getting very popular with the expat community. The chef told me last weekend it was packed with expats that nearly bought out the whole store.

That's it for now.

Got any recommendations? E-mail me at seouleats at gmail dot com

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