The O'ngo Culinary School is Officially Open

It has been months of hard work and I am happy to announce that the O'ngo Culinary School is officially open. Today, we'll have a special class for KBS (Korean Broadcasting Network) Hanshik Tamheondae (한식탐험대). Today we will make Galbijjim.

The goal of the O'ngo Culinary School is nurture a sense of culinary culture in Seoul. In the coming months we'll continue to do culinary tours and cooking classes. In addition, we'll start inviting homestyle chefs to share their native culture's food here. In the next few months we have invited Thai chefs, South African Chefs, and American chefs coming to the O'ngo Culinary School to give classes.
I hope you'll be able to stop over soon.

Daniel Gray

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