Summer rooftop BBQ party.

Everything is better on a cool summer night, especially if it's on top a rooftop. There's something magical about the view from above, the glimmering street lights fading in and out, an elevated view... and to add to that the sweet sweet smell of ribs grilling above a hot bed of charcoal, DAMN I love summer nights. Well, last night was just that. It had the dark blue sky, perfect amount of street traffic, a live band (The Odds Against with Brigitte Benecke and Austin Kaufmann), endless drinks and of course, grilled meats. Actually, to top it off, we even had the cops come via a neighborhood complaint, mind you, we had Country Roads by John Denver playing... my personal favorite :)! Twas a lovely evening, great crowd, even dancing and stomach splitting amounts of food, can't wait for the next rooftop party!!

Suji's Summer rooftop BBQ party.
featuring The Odds Against with Brigitte Benecke and Austin Kaufmann

Suji's Itaewon

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