Raspberry Shaved Ice and BBQ Bossam

Man oh man, it has been a busy week. Our company is finishing up our
move to our new fifty person studio in Insadong after a month of
reconstruction. I will post pictures of the place soon.

I am in love with the area, because I am right down the street from
Changdeokgung. After working all day my staff and I had dinner at BBQ
Bossam right down the street. This place specializes in slowly roasted
pork belly. It was so good.

After dinner, I took a walk into the hanok village (Korean traditional
Houses) and I found a wonderful raspberry shaved ice cafe. It is was
very simple: shaved ice, raspberries, and raspberry juice- red beans
on the side. It also came with a piece of corn! The cafe, Margot, was
attached to a Buddhist monastery and they were kind enough to give me
a tour if their facilities.

I wondered a bit longer into alleys near Insadong and I was surprises
to find a new tent restaurant mall. This place had like 20 small snack
vendors in a newly constructed and well lit strip. I will have to go

Down this little alley, I also stumbled upon a smoked meats
restaurant. They were smoking duck, pork belly, and chicken. I will
have to return to this place for dinner.


Margot Cafe
110-280 Seoul Jongro-gu, Wonseo-dong 129-5
02 747 3152

Barbecue Bossam
Jongro-gu, Myodong 147 bonji
02 3675 9031

Done Zone (Smoked Duck, Pork Belly)
Jongro-gu Insadong 263 (Jongak Station (Subway Line 1) Exit 3)

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