Team Building Cooking Class in Seoul for Franciscan Foreign Kindergarten

During opening week of our culinary school in Insadong, the Franciscan Foreign Kindergarten of Seoul came to our place to do a team building cooking class. They first got to see a demonstration from Chef Shawn and then they got to cook their own lunch in teams. The team that made the most delicious and best presented dish won a prize. It was a very exciting day and we gave each team 45 minutes to cook and present but most teams were done in 30 minutes and they had time to clean up their areas (by-the-way, thank you^^).

They were a great team of teachers that were very excited and we were happy to do this for the group. Thank you Franciscan Foreign Kindergarten!
Chef Shawn Demonstrating how to make the dishes

And they are off!

Points for presentation FFS: Franciscan Foreign School

Working Hard

Seafood Pancake

Red Spicy Chicken Barbecue

Team Dinosaur

These girls can't wait to eat^^

Good Presentation
Think they model?
A Human Heart and a Seafood Pancake Heart

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