Open Thread: What did you eat over the weekend?

McDonald's Quarter Pounder at the Itaewon McDonalds
It has been a foodie's weekend. After this weekend, I have to do a lot of exercise, because I went way over my recommended caloric intake for about a week.

Friday was dinner at Chez Simon: Fresh Oyster, Pumpkin Soup, Mushroom Pasta, Steak, Creme Brulee, with red wine and espresso
Saturday: Early Morning Fish Market Tour so I had flounder sashimi at 9am. Then I ran back to the cooking studio to help with the Warmth: Vegetarian Thanksgiving organized by Jessica and Ryan. Great event. The menu was: Salad, Sweet Potato Latkes with persimmon chutney, Pumpkin Risotto, and gingersnap cookies. That evening I had makgeolli and tofu and kimchi with a friend.
Sunday: For breakfast I had kimchi chiggae sans rice. Lunch, as part of a story to find the best steak in Seoul (any recommendations?) I went to Sam Ryan's for a Ribeye Steak and to try their "Tour" breakfast with a New York Strip. Sam Ryan has good steak and I might have to include them in the article. That evening, I had a night dining tour for 10 Japanese people so we had Korean barbecue, bindaetteok, live octopus, and makgeolli.

Then...I don't know why, but very late at night at 2am, I went with my roommate to McDonald's to have a quarter pounder sans cheese. I've been craving this thing since they started to sell them in Seoul. Did it meet expectations? Nah...I prefer the regular burger to the quarter pounder (don't judge. I think the regular McDonald's burger is the perfect burger and I indulge myself every few months.)

Way too much food, I know, but that's why I have to walk home from work today.

Cheers and Happy Eating,


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