University Students Special Class

O'ngo Culinary School is offering Wednesday Afternoon Cooking Classes for those hoping to learn Korean cuisine and meet other foodies. You'll learn Korean favorites such as Daktoritang, Kimchi Japchae, and Sundubu throughout the 2-month course. You'll get a deep understanding of the culture and the techniques of Korean cuisine from our award-winning chefs. First, you'll see a demonstration from the chef, then you'll have a chance to make your own, and then you'll get to eat what you made.

February 9th: Kimchi and Bulgogi
February 16th: Daktoritang and Vegetable Side Dishes
February 23rd: Sundubu and Seafood Pancake
March 2nd: Dumpling and Rice Cake Soup

March 9th : Sundubu and Seafood Pancake
March 16th : Japchae and Spicy Pork

The classes will be offered in English at 3pm. You can sign up for 1 or all of the classes. There are 3 classes a month and classes cost 45,000 a person per session with University Student ID, but if you sign up for a month you can save 15,000 won- only 120,000 won (classes carry over if you miss a class, but let us know 24 hours in advance). The classes will restart in April. We are conveniently located in Insadong. You can find us by going out Anguk Station (Subway Line 3) Exit 4 and walk 2 blocks and make a left after Young's Music and Pizza Haven. We are on the 3rd Floor in the building across from Crown Hotel.

You can sign-up by contacting us at

O'ngo Food Communications
Jongno-gu, Nagwon-dong 55-1
Nagwon-dong Zip 110-709

Korean Bank Transfer Information: If you would like to send payment in advance you can send us a bank transfer at Woori Bank 1005-480-990616    (Choi Jia, O'ngo Food Communications)
최지아 온고푸드커뮤니케이션 우리은

Come take a cooking class or take a Culinary Tour in Seoul!
Pictures are taken either with my Panasonic DMC-G2 Camera with 20mm Lens or with my iPhone 4G

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