Paris Croissant in never a bad option for birthday cakes

Birthday Cake From Paris Croissant
Paris Croissant is never a bad option for birthday cakes in Korea. When it was my friend and business partner's birthday, I had to make a mad dash to find a delicious cake that would meet her expectations. Jia is a foodie, a chef, and a friend so not just any cake would do. Ideally, I should have made a cake, but that week I was quite busy with projects. So...during my lunch break I made it over to the Paris Croissant in Insadong and picked out several pieces of cake and got candles.

I opted with getting several cakes because I think variety is the spice of life and because I simply can't decide. The chocolate cake was excellent- creamy and rich and so were the cheesecakes: strawberry and blueberry. It was a nice way to end the day with an office birthday party.


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