Beer O'Clock: Delivery Pizza in Gyeonidan

Beer O'Clock is known as one of the best western bars in Sinchon. It is run by my buddies, Clarke and Trevor and they decided to expand into the heart of where foreigners live in Gyeonidan. What they decided to focus on here is pizza and that's all that they do. The place is small but they do a variety of different pizzas ranging from bbq chicken, Hawaiian, Meatza, Double Cheese, and the works. The pizzas are sizable and pretty good. I mean it's like dominos but at half the price and with normal toppings. You won't find shrimp tempura, potato wedges, or honey mustard on your pizza pies here.

Like I said, not bad and I really like that they will let you have cheddar cheese on your pizza. (Double Cheese doesn't mean extra cheese. They mean cheddar plus mozzarella.) 

Located in Gyeonidan across from the Family Mart and the Kimbap Chunguk.


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