Where to Eat during the Superbowl in Seoul 2011

Oh, shoot! the superbowl is coming up and I forgot to post where you can eat during the game. Luckily, our friends over at 10 magazine put up a good list.

Now of the places that are posted, I recommend that you check out the Wolfhound and at Sam Ryans. Both have great bar food and plenty of TVs. The steak sandwiches at the Wolfhound are top notch and so are their breakfast platters. Sam Ryans has an excellent steak and eggs combo and their burgers are magnificent. Now if I was to put them up side by side, I would recommend Sam Ryan simply because their TVs are newer than the Wolfhounds.

Rocky Mountain Tavern is never bad- I like their wings, but it's down on the other side of Itaewon.

As for Gyeonidan, Phillies will be doing something. It's the local bar, so it needs a bit of a wash and the food has gone south a bit, but they always have plenty of booze.

Up in the Sinchon and Hongdae areas, there is Beer O'Clock and Yaletown. Both have great food. Both have great burgers. Beer O'Clock has pizza, but Yaletown has poutine. Tough choice here.

For those that can't get up early and go, I recommend Dillingers. I dig their burgers and the owners are stand-up guys.

This just in from the winner of the 10 magazine reader's poll for best burger and best wings in Korea: Traveler's Bar and Restaurant:

Yup, we will be doing Super Bowl live and replay at 9pm in Bundang and at our Daegu location, just at 9pm.



Now for the real question:

Who are you rooting for to win the superbowl: The Pittsburgh Steelers or the Green Bay Packers?

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