Bailey's Latte at Latte King

The Latte King in the HBC is a decent cafe with friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere. It's one of my haunts after work because I often need to catch up on a bit of work before I go home. I know that once I get home, the comfortable pants come on and I just veg out to television. Of course, I should be working on that book and some other writing, but sometimes your brain needs downtime. One of my favorite drinks these days is the Bailey's Latte or the Kahula Latte at Latte King. They are a decent night cap with a bit of caffeine to keep you going to get your work done. At only 4,800 won, it's not badly priced. I mean you could easily spend that on a beer or a cocktail, but you would have to have it in a smelly, smoky bar.

Latte King in Haebangchon across and up the hill from Indigo Restaurant on the same side as Kobawoo Market.


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