A Weekend of Good Eats: Brazilian and American

It was another great weekend of friends and food. My good friend Suji of Suji's Restaurant was back in town and what that generally means is that we have a lot of fun. Saturday morning started with a kimchi and bulgogi class in the morning and after cleaning up (strangely, I am back to washing dishes even though I now am a business owner). Lunch was at a Korean restaurant we were testing out for our taste tour and at night we had another Night Dining Tour. One couple on the tour were adopting Korean kids so I really wanted to meet them.

We get a lot of people on the tours of people that are in Korea to adopt Korean babies and I am always very happy to meet them. It makes me imagine what my parents were when they were thinking about adopting me and my sister. 

After taking them to my favorite makgeolli place, I had to rush off to meet Suji. We were scheduled to go to Patrick and Emerson's going away party on the embassy compound. I got to meet them while I was working with Ambassador Stephens and through several catering parties that our company has done on base. 

The party was outstanding and even though there was a "zero bottle full policy" for the party, Patrick and Emerson ended up gaining bottles from fair wishers. 

The food was exceptional. Emerson is Brazilian and true to his roots he had delicious pastilles and empanadas and coxinhas. The empanadas were my favorite for the soft dough encapsulated savory bits of beef. The pastilles were excellent as well. Right out of the oven the cheese was gooey and the diced tomato added a bit of light. The coxinhas, Brazlian chicken fritters, were ok as well.

Then I was off to Itaewon for my friend Rose was having an engagement party. She got a huge stone of a diamond from her fiance so she was elated. After the engagement party we met up with our chef friends and that always means lots of crazy drinking. We started at Scrooges then ended up at Hollywood before venturing to Old Town. 

Scrooge Bar
My road to recovery the next day started with lots of water and then a bit of exercise. I wasn't hungry from the night before, so I just relaxed all day. That evening, Suji invited me for a dinner party at her restaurant. Patrick and Emerson and friends from Saturday Night were all there. Nostalgic for a bit of home, I ordered the Meatloaf dinner. It was almost as good as my mom's.

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