Foodie Meetup at TAF Art Cafe in Sinchon

Balsamic Brushetta at TAF
Foodie Meetup at TAF with Joe Mcpherson and Sarah Lee
Warmed Spinach Dip
My life is pretty good most of the time- especially when I get invited by restaurants to come eat. TAF or Total Art Festival is a nice little cafe with good food over by Sinchon Station. I was invited to come by the owner Dori Lee and when I arrived I was surprised to see a few other food bloggers. Sarah Lee of and the Might Joe McPherson of were already there. As we talked about our foodie lives, Dori and her staff prepared a tasting of their menu. 

First came the warmed spinach dip. Quite nice with crunchy walnuts on top. The dip was cheesy and had good flavor. They went well with the nachos, but I think I would have preferred a pita or some flat bread.

Next came a curried spinach salad over steamed pumpkin. Excellent presentation and I loved the earl grey soaked raisins in the dish. It paired well with the pumpkin.

The last dish that I was able to try was the baguette with buffalo mozzarella and tomato. It had nice balsamic dressing on it and the fresh basil was a nice touch.

I had to run off to another meeting that day so I wasn't able to try the TAF burger or the Veggie sandwich with king oyster mushrooms, sprouts, mint/basil pesto. 

Overall, a nice place with good atmosphere. Prices are reasonable and they have a selection of beers and wines or coffee if you would like.

*Oh, and if you mention Seoul in the City, you will receive complimentary coffee or a signature cocktail!

TAF-Total Arts Festival Bar/Cafe
33-12 Nogosan-dong, Mapo-Gu, 121806 Seoul
Sinchon-Green line #2, exit 5
Take a right at the first side street, walk up the hill, TAF will be on your left. (Korean bloggers!)
Pumpkin with curried chicken salad
A bit too much love from Zenkimchi
Zen Kimchi with his Cannon on his Canon

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