Hyejin's Double Fried Korean Chicken

Hyejin's DD Fried Chicken
Hyejin DD Fried Chicken
Hyejin's DD Fried Chicken
I am lucky to work with a group of very talented chefs that work diligently. Chef Hyejin has been working with us for over a year and I have seen her grow as a person, chef, and teacher in that time. She has an incredible arsenal of techniques and the keen attention to detail that transform food from into an experience.

One of our first students, Joseph, has been taking classes with us for one year because he is planning on opening a fried chicken restaurant in his homeland. His family owns a chicken farm there and fell in love with the way Koreans do chicken.

Hyejin has developed many recipes and sauces for Joseph and we think we are nearing chicken perfection.

 In the pictures you can see the different types of chicken she has come up with. We learned the best way to add crackle to the chicken is to dredge the chicken in a mix of flour and corn starch and then let it sit for at least 2 hours in the fridge. They you fry it once and let that sit for a while and then you refry it just before serving. The sauce on this once is a mix of soy sauce, starch syrup (mul yeot), and a bit of garlic.

Hyejin also came up with some great sauces with red chili paste (gochujang) as a base. The secret for using this stuff is to make sure you throughly mix everything into the paste before basting it on the chicken. I think we have a solid arsenal of sauces and chicken recipes for Joseph.

Hopefully he will be successful. Good luck Joseph!

To be continued.

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