Is 6 year-old Red Ginseng Extract Really worth its weight in Gold?

Cheong Gwangjang
So the other day at Jegi-dong, Gyeongdong Market, I finally decided to try the red ginseng extract to see if it was really as special as people say it is. Koreans say that red ginseng is a cure-all and it gives (men) people incredible stamina, it's good for their minds, and it will be good for know: bedroom prowess.

Anyway, not that I have any problems with that (and if I did, I wouldn't announce that here), so I went ahead and bought a small bottle of the 6year, "plus +" Ginseng extract which is supposed to be the highest quality ginseng extract on the market.

The taxi driver I showed the bottle to after I bought it, told me that it was the same brand that he uses and he told me it was good for everything penis. He demonstrated what this would do to me with a lot of fist pumps.  He also told me that Cheonggwanjang brand was the best and that it is mainly all ginseng and not just a little bit of ginseng mixed with a lot of sugar syrup. when I got it home, I took a spoonful of it and I mixed it with hot water and drank it.

It's bitter tasting, but not horrible. It has a slight kick that is like a really strong shot of espresso that dissipates right away. Right away I didn't feel anything amazing but I did feel a bit more energetic afterwards and I did feel a bit more mentally awake afterwards. 

The effects are subtle, but the next morning, I woke up much earlier than normal and I worked later than normal that day. At the end of the day, I drank water, read, and went to bed instead of watching mindless television. I do feel a bit more focused than normal sooo...maybe the ginseng is doing something to me.

For 26,000 won for 30 grams, it better do something, right?

Red Ginseng Extract

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